Essay on Hostel Life vs. Home Life – Essay 4 (500 words)

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Essay on Hostel Life vs. Home Life – Essay 4 (500 words)


There is a big difference between the hostel life and home life. Both these have their collection of pros and cons. Every student must experience the hostel life to learn the perks it gives plus the difficulties one has to face surviving in the hostel.

Hostel Life vs. Home Life

This is how the hostel life and home life are different from each other:

  1. Rules and Regulations

Hostels have certain collection of rules and regulations that the learning students are bound to check out. The hostel warden will there be to make sure that every single student follows the rules and leads a life that is disciplined. However, at home there are not any rules that are strict. While our parents do set certain rules with them many a times unlike the warden who is stringent about the rules for us they are flexible.

  1. Utilization of Internet

The application of internet is restricted in the hostel. Unlike our home we don’t get the benefit of enjoying unlimited Wi-Fi connection. Most of the hostels enable the students to use internet for couple of hours a day and that too for study purpose. Though many students have mobile phones these days, they cannot get enough pocket money to take an unlimited data connection.

  1. No Choice of Food

In the home, we get the privilege of experiencing everything we want. All we need to do is always to ask our mother for similar. However, in hostel there isn’t any such choice. Students staying in the hostel need certainly to eat what is available regardless of it or not whether they like.

  1. No Late Entry

Students are not allowed to get back to hostel late at night. So, they can not enjoy night that is late or movies whereas the majority of us our lucky to have parents who allow us to go out with friends late during the night from time to time.

  1. Outside Friends Not Allowed

We can only have fun with this hostel buddies once we you live in a hostel. Girls’ entry in a boys’ hostel and vice-versa is specially a no that is strict. However, there’s absolutely no such restriction at home.

  1. Taking good care of Needs

At home our parents are there to manage every need that is single of. We don’t have to wash and iron our clothes or go searching for the daily need goods. However, in hostel we have to do each one of these plain things on our own.

While at home, we might get bored in certain cases, in hostel there’s absolutely no scope of having boredom as our friends will always around and most of those are as much as some fun stuff.


I have stayed in the home and studied at a school that is regular fifth standard and am located in the hostel for the past 5 years. With my experience, I can say that while both hostel life and home life are very different and have now their particular pair of pros and cons, hostel life is anytime better once we get a learn a lot as a result. It is a great experience and shapes us for good. A student who’s got lived in a hostel is way better prepared to use up various challenges in life.

Long Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostel Life – Essay 5 (600 words)


Hostel life is challenging yet exciting. It gives advantages that are numerous also comes with its collection of disadvantages. One can clearly tell the essential difference between a student who lives in a hostel plus one who lives with parents and would go to a school that is regular. People who get the possibility to remain in a hostel are likely to become bolder and more confident. However, they might also incur certain traits that are negative. The following is a look at the benefits and disadvantages of hostel life.

Features of Hostel Life

Let us first look at the advantages of hostel life:

  1. Teaches Independence

Hostel life teaches students to be more independent. They learn to take charge of their life by taking decisions solely in numerous situations.

  1. Boosts Confidence

Students are faced with different situations and meet all types of people while living in the hostel. Coping with different situations and folks throughout the full years boosts their confidence.

Students staying in the hostel also have a tendency to get bolder compared to those who live due to their parents and attend school that is regular. They truly are better prepared to tackle challenges that are various life.

  1. Instils Discipline

Hostels have certain pair of rules that have to be followed at all times. The students are required to get up, take bath, reach their college and sleep at the time that is same day. Students that do not follow the rules are punished severely so they really try not to repeat the mistake. This instils discipline in them.

  1. Introduces to Various Cultures

Students from various cultural backgrounds come to stay in the hostels. Coping with each other day in and day trip, the students find out about their culture and traditions.

  1. Builds Long Lasting Friendships

Keeping away from the family, hostel buddies are there to deal with one another. They develop an connect that is emotional one another throughout the time. Hostel is the place where people make long friendships that are lasting memories to cherish forever.

  1. Teaches New Skills

Hostel students should do each of their tasks by themselves. They learn several new skills such as for example washing clothes, ironing them, cleaning their room, keeping their books tidy, purchasing stuff on budget and also cooking.

Disadvantages of Hostel Life

The following is a glance at the disadvantages of hostel life:

  1. Introverts May Face Difficulty

Introverts could have a time that is difficult along with their hostel mates and making new friends. They usually are left out and cry their heart out when alone as they miss their loved ones badly.

  1. Living Not Even Close To Family

Living far from the family is difficult for everyone. Many students get extremely emotional from time to time because they are reminded associated with the times that are good with their family. It really is particularly hard for the students to go back to hostel following the vacations.

  1. Difficulty Adjusting in Family Atmosphere

While initially the students get emotional in the looked at staying away from their family, residing in the hostel for a few years often helps it be difficult for them to adjust in the family atmosphere. They grow so familiar with taking their decisions that are own living their method in which they cannot like most suggestions from their parents and want to live independently.

  1. Quality of Food

The standard of food in hostels is not very good. Besides, there is no choice. Students need to eat whatever they get if they want it or otherwise not.

  1. No one to Take Care

Falling sick is the part that is worst. Although the hostel buddies make an effort to take care of each other however they cannot be careful like the parents. Thus, coping with illness often takes a lot of the time.


Hostel life offers both pros and cons. It all depends on the student as to how he/ she deals he imbibes from his stay in the hostel with it and what.

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