Leupromer 7.5

Leupromer® 7.5

  • Leuproreline acetate,for injection,One Month Depot
  • Leupromer® 7.5 mg is a type of medicine known as a gonadorelin (LHRH) analogue. It acts on the pituitary gland in the brain. Leupromer ® 7.5 depot injection contains the active ingredient Leuprorelin acetate. Each box of Lupromer® 7.5 contains two prefilled syringes. Syringe A contains 7.5 mg Leuprorelin (as acetate) as active substance. Syringe B contains a Polymer solution for the preparation of suspension. Before injection, Syringe A and Syringe B (powder and Polymeric solution) should be mixed and then injected sub-cutaneous by a healthcare. Shelf life of Leupromer® is 2 years from date of manufacturing. It should be store in refrigerator (between 2-8°C).


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